Research Informative Speech Essay

Directions: This is a 3-4 minute speech (give or take 15 seconds). The purpose of this speech is to inform the audience about the biography and accomplishments for an iconic public figure that is of interest to you the speaker and the audience. But be careful, points will be deducted if the general purpose is identified as persuasive or if you demonstrate something.

Please note this should be a person we know little about even though they made a difference in the world. You have the chance to tell their story. Do not choose a popular figure.

*** You aren’t persuading or convincing us here. You are educating us.

(Failure to complete this speech, may result in failing the class)

If you need some ideas, check the following link to help: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)


  1. Compose an effective thesis statement.
  2. Support the thesis with 3 main points.
  3. Introduce and conclude your speech effectively.
  4. Support your speech with engaging extemporaneous delivery.


  • Develop a thesis that fits the criteria discussed in class.
  • Develop an introduction with an attention getter, connection to audience, statement of thesis, and preview.
  • Develop support for your thesis in the form of three main points, and then support each of those points with clear explanations/examples.
  • Conclude your speech by signaling that you are concluding, restating your thesis and main points, and ending with a “clincher.”
  • Delivering your speech. Delivery will be extemporaneous. Try for as much eye contact as possible. Rehearse your speech several times, checking to make sure you are between 3-4 minutes (give or take 15 seconds).
  • (DO NOT read your speech) using a delivery outline on no more than 3 index cards with only key words and phrases.
  • You will provide feedback to two of your classmates.
  • Outline your speech. Prepare a typed outline of the content of your speech. This will be turned in. (You will submit this through canvas before your speech)
  • Complete significant research for your biography and maintain appropriate documentation. Find a variety of information: provide examples, find testimony, give a statistic, develop an analogy and/or discover a definition, include a story/narrative, give some fun facts. A minimum of three credible outside sources are required. Please refrain from using Wikipedia, blogs, emails, Britannica/Encyclopedia or personal web pages as source material.
  • You must provide documentation for your evidence in the following three forms: (1) References at the end of your formal outline in the APA format, (2) Internally within the text of the formal outline and (3) Verbally throughout the presentation-tell us where you retrieved this information.

Please review the rubric prior to the speech to understand the criteria of how you will be assessed.

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