search for online resources that you will reference

This assignment will allow you to search for online resources that you will reference for your research paper. Your resources must be scholarly. For information on what a scholarly resource is, click the link, what counts as a scholarly source?

There are many websites you can use to find resources, I recommend starting with the National Parks website, and the Google Scholar search engine,

You can choose any National Park of that interests you, I recommend exploring your option here,

When you use google scholar, you can type in key works respective to your research project, for example, “Yosemite Climate Change” will return scholarly articles and papers you can reference on climate change at Yosemite National Park. If you use the NPS website, please do not include tourist information available on the site, this project will only require information about the natural landscape and changes as a result of climate change.


List 5 sources you will use for your research project

Include the URL (link)

Include a brief summary of what information you will use from the resource

Site the source (I recommend using a citation generator like

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