Teenage Dick Analysis


using at least 5 of the Elements listed below, write a 400-word review of the performance attended. Describe the performance through your eyes. The review should be in narrative form with an introduction and conclusion. It should not feel like a list.

**Character – What stood out about the main players?

**Plot – DO NOT GIVE A DETAILED PLOT SUMMARY – but you can reference the overall actions of the play.

**Theme – What ideas are explored? Is there a clear resolution or is the audience challenged to figure out the answers? Are ideas explored through the characters’ experiences or does the show preach? Remember plot is not theme.

**Language– Were the actors clear? Were there dialects? Did the actors use the space appropriately with their vocals?

**Spectacle – How were set, lighting, costumes utilized to enhance the storytelling?

**Sound/music – Was sound or music used to enhance the production?

**Acting – Was the acting stylized? Believable? Did any actors stand out in good or bad ways? **Directing – Was the direction obvious or hidden? Any strong directorial choices?)

Be as specific with your ideas and opinions as possible. If there is an aspect of the show that you love/hate, give specific examples to back up your response. Tell me what worked and what did not work for you and WHY.

BAD EXAMPLE 1: The sets were lame.

GOOD EXAMPLE 1: The sets didn’t seem to support the style of the play. Everything the actors did was realistic, but the sets were fantastical and crazy. In the garden scene, all of the flowers were purple with blue stems, but I didn’t see a reason to support that choice.

BAD EXAMPLE 2: The acting was awesome.

GOOD EXAMPLE 2: The actors were especially truthful. In the scene with the murder, I understood why Joanna felt betrayed by Steve. The actress playing Joanna carried a tension in her body that totally released after the murder. To me, it seemed like she exorcised something in herself at that moment.


Teenage Dick is “a high school-set riff on Richard III [that] treats disability sensitively without sentimentality” (Charles McNulty, Los Angeles Times) and is available for you to stream from the comfort of your own home.
Join the students of Roseland High as Richard schemes his way through a glorious path to senior class presidency. How far will he go to get everything he (thinks) he wants? There’s only one way to find out! Similar to Hamilton on Disney+, Teenage Dick was professionally filmed in front of a live audience as a ten-camera, HD digital theatrical experience that puts you right in the center of the action

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