The Dancing Dancer Artistic Response

This is a dance film created this semester by University Dance Theatre, our performance company, in collaboration with SJSU’s choir. It is titled The New Colossus.  It is suggested that you watch it more than once. As you do, take notice of some elements that we have discussed quite a bit in here. Space- what do the specific sites and environments say? How do the dancers interact with their environments? Energy and Time- do you see effort? What does that effort represent? Consider the title and how that plays into what you see visually. There is so much to consider as it is more than just movement.  Look closely, consider what resonates with you and how you ultimately want to respond.

Then, create your own piece of art that somehow relates, speaks to, supports the dance film. This artwork can be a painting, sketched drawings, a small sculpture with found objects, a poem (however no haiku- I love them, however they are too short for what we are going for here) a rap, a musical composition.  All art has to be conceptual. It must be related to the dance film, to the ideas and essence of the dance.  It can add to the ideas.  You do not need to be a professional artist, however the work should demonstrate a level of sophistication. Upload photos or videos of your response with a one-paragraph description of your work, why you chose the specific artistic response, and share a little of your process.

Always ask yourself the important question- does the work  you are submitting reflect the amount of time given? 

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