Trend Analysis for Target Corporation Financial Statement Worksheet

Financial Statement Case Assignments are a collection of individual assignments whose total point value equals 160.

Please read the General Information and Instructions for the Financial Statement Case Assignments carefully before starting.

Make sure you know how the fiscal year for Target Corporation is presented by watching this video.

Financial Statement Case 17-1

Requirements – Please note for this assignment you must use spreadsheet software (Excel, Google Sheets, etc)

  1. Compute trend analyses for Sales and Net earnings / (loss). Use 2018 as the base year. What is the most notable aspect of these data?
  2. Perform a vertical analysis for Target Corporation’s balance sheet as of January 30, 2021 (fiscal year 2020), and February 1, 2020 (fiscal year 2019). Include only these main categories:


?Total current assets

?Property and equipment, net

Operating lease assets

?Other noncurrent assets

?Total assets

Liabilities and shareholders’ investment:

?Total current liabilities

?Total noncurrent liabilities

?Total shareholders’ investment

?Total liabilities and shareholders’ investment


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