International Maxillofacial Surgery Practice Case Study

1. Data collection. We need to identify three (3) sources of data and list every step involved to collect the data. Currently, we have them all blended together. We need to divide each group. For example:

  • Group one: The Doctor
  • Group two: The Staff and Private Contractors
  • Group three: The Patients

Each group has a set of different questions (see Appendix B). We need to elaborate the Why (?) behind the different set of questions for each group. For example, for interviews we need to say directly who interviews we will include and then each step to get that done.

For example, interviews will include the care provides which is a total of one (1) doctor. Each person will first be contacted in person once IRB approval is given and we will set up a time an date to conduct the interview. The day of the interview, we will again discuss the informed consent and ensure the participant is willing to volunteer. The interview will be record. The questions in appendix B will be used to guide the interview. Each interview is expected to take approximately 30 minutes.

2.We need to separate each group and make it one appendix for each one (i.e., three separate appendix). Also, have one (1) informed consent form for each group. We just need to make sure that each group has its own document (appendix) so that there is no confusion.

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