International The Impacts of Leadership Rephrasing Paper

1. Clarity and continuity of thought. The problem, purpose, and methodology

are a bit off.
a. Need to tide the relationship between the leader traits and
organization success, which should then easily transition to the strategic
organizational leadership.

b. The methodology needs more clarity.

2. Integrate the Strategic Leadership theory and connect it to the overall
purpose/problem. For example, I would like to see strategic leadership
integration as a specific desirable trait, leading to the organization’s
success (i.e., L.M.A. Cosmetic Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Services, PSC.

3. Currently, the literature review is more like a leadership survey than a
supporting element as part of the overall project.

4. Describe how Transformational Leadership (TL) connects to the
purpose/problem, considering TL is NOT a trait theory. However, TL goes well
beyond a trait approach and is based on positive leader/follower
relationships rather than follower perceptions of particular leader traits.
Please help me better describe or perhaps integrate TL to the

Please review the observations mentioned above and help me effectively
integrate the topics into the project.

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