Metal health Paper foothill

Prepare a paper in that presents evidence for and application strategies around creating a program in the setting of your choice to dramatically increase life satisfaction, fulfillment, and mental health in the community you serve.


This portfolio work project will allow you to present your findings academically and showcase your ability to design and implement a strategy that will benefit individuals and, hopefully, society in general.


You are working in a setting where individuals could benefit from a program or resource that would increase their understanding of their personality and how it relates to their life success and fulfillment.

Your Role

In your role at the organization of your choice, you have been charged with understanding why individuals are not thriving in our current environment, even though life has never been easier by multiple measures. You must develop a protocol, resource, or training that will lead to a genuine change in how individuals interact with their environment (families, relationships, careers, etc.) while focusing on the personality characteristics learned about in this class.

Remember, there are many variations of success and fulfillment, and that goodness of fit regarding personality is the key. You can choose to focus on any group or subgroup you wish, so long as the program you develop aims at accomplishing a generally higher level of self-awareness and how personality plays a significant role in these considerations.

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