the Big 5 Personality traits

  • When reviewing the Big 5 Personality traits, as I describe them in the video, how do you fall on each of the five traits?
  • Are you on one end or the other, somewhere in the middle, or towards the middle with a lean a certain way?
  • Similar to how I described my extraversion and the world, and my conscientiousness, describe how your traits have interacted when your life and how this may impact your future career.
  • Lastly, overlay your culture on top of this discussion. For example, I have a dear friend who has a moderate agreeable score, but she comes from an East CoastItalian neighborhood where she learned a lot of tough, life lessons. She does not enjoy being disagreeable, but if she needs to she is very good at it and is the last to get taken advantage of. Her environment really shaped her natural personality response.

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