Music Theory Question

This description is for individuals not in a group: Given the following types of prayer: • confession (atonement) • intersession (the needs of others) • praise & thanksgiving • adoration (the noblest form of prayer) • mystical union (or ecstasy) • salvation • release

1. Select one type of prayer and define it in your own terms (not a citation).

2. Provide an example of this type of prayer. (with a peer-reviewed cited source)

3. Locate a song that exemplifies your selected prayer type. Acknowledge the composer and performer of the song.

4. Describe (in writing) why this song is of significance to you and could be used to accompany or support an existing ritual or life challenge (sacred or secular). Note: ritual occurs in the three phases: separation (leaving the familiar), transition (a time of testing, learning, growth & transformation) return (incorporation and reintegration).……

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