Social Issue: Health and Wealth

The main component of public health is finance, which directly affects individuals’ and society’s physical, mental, and social well-being.
Financial stress leads to physical health problems like diabetes and hypertension.
Financial insecurity causes mental health issues like anxiety and depression.
Inadequate finance causes social inequality, thus making an individual not to access basic needs.
Bibliographic Information:
Purnell, J. Q. (2015). Financial health is public health. In L. Choi, D. Erickson, K. Griffin, A. Levere, & E. Seidman (Eds.), What It’s Worth: Strengthening the Financial Futures of Families, Communities, and the Nation (pp. 163-171). Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.
“The link between health and financial well-being is both direct and indirect, and it is important for health professionals to understand the dynamics of health and wealth in order to work with their patients in a holistic way” (Purnell, 2015, p. 166).
Paraphrase and In-Text Citation:
Health professionals should understand the relationship between health and financial well-being to provide comprehensive patient care (Purnell, 2015).
Explanation of quote selection and connection:
This statement emphasizes the importance of understanding how health and wealth are connected to provide all-inclusive patient care. By doing this, the practitioners can create a complete approach to care that considers the numerous factors that affect health, like adequate medical care, financial stability, and affordable housing. Understanding this can make professionals make good decisions when it comes to preventing, diagnosing, and the treatments of diseases and conditions.
Health and wealth
Thesis: wealth is an essential factor in achieving a good health
With wealth, one can feel a sense of security, thus reduction of anxiety and stress, which are essential factors of physical and mental health.
With wealth, an individual can access better healthcare to seek the needed medical attention.
Wealth gives the stability to get healthier foods and resources like the gym for fitness classes.
Bibliographic Information
Clay, R. A. (2001). Wealth secures health. Monitor on Psychology, 32(9), 78.
“The advantages of wealth are clear: Wealth improves health by improving access to health care and reducing the stresses of poverty.” (Clay, 2001, p. 78).
Paraphrased Quote
Clay (2001)states that when it comes to an individual’s health, wealth has a more considerable advantage as it reduces the stresses caused by poverty, and we can access better health care.
The quote explains how wealth is essential to the health of an individual. It relates to my social issue since it gives information on how wealth can provide individuals with the financial ability to access healthcare services that I initially could not afford.
Topic: health and wealth
The gap between health and wealth concerns issues that have to be addressed to ensure there is a healthier society with equity.
Individuals with poor health experience a low-quality life, resulting in a decrease in their earnings and life opportunities.
Health inequality always creates a cycle of poverty, therefore, leading to further disparities in getting better healthcare services and quality of life.
People who have more wealth always manage to get better health services, which then leads them to have better and healthy lifestyles.
“The wealthier a society, the better its citizens’ health—at least until the society passes a certain level of affluence.” (Sapolsky, 2018, p. 63)
Paraphrased Quote
According to Sapolsky (2018), there is a more significant relationship between the health of the society and the health of its citizens, atleast until a certain level of prosperity is reached.
The quote explains the relationship between health and wealth and how their correlation can be implicated. This we can see as other countries with a high level of prosperity still maintain thir large portions of the population that face health disparities. This highlights the differences between the rich and the poor and how the same disparities affect the entire population’s health.

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