[Trident University]-International Impacts of Organizational Leadership Report

You should incorporate the necessary edits and reviews contained within this course in order to strengthen your final DSP Proposal draft for your eventual prospectus defense. Based on the recommendations, the following areas need to be modify.

  • Ensure alignment of Problem, Purpose, and RQ language is correct; They need tp match. If your study is “The Impacts of Organizational Leadership on the Success of Small-Scale Organization and Start-Ups in the Healthcare Industry” then we need to match that.
  • Problem: It is not know how effective leadership strategies can influence organizational success of [L.M.A.]. Purpose: The purpose of this QUALITATIVE CASE STUDY (not mixed method) is to determine how effective leadership…of [L.M.A.]. RQs – RQ1: How does effective leadership strategies impacts or perhaps influence… of [L.M.A.]? AND RQ2 : How can [company name] improve use of effective leadership strategies to increase organizational success?
  • Theoretical framework MUST be actual theories or models (such as Trait Theory, Theory of Strategic Leadership, etc.). We are only listing concepts such as Servant Leadership, Autocratic Leadership, and others, as described. However, I think they are important and shouldn’t be remove.
  • Design is qualitative. Use open ended questions in your instrument and you can answer your RQs.
  • The sample is minimum is 15 total across all sources of data (5+5+5, etc.).
  • In summary, the research questions need to re-evaluated, the literature review (scholarly), the sample and the methodology design. Attached the submitted document to be reviewed based on the abovementioned guidance.

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