Organizational Leadership on The Success of Small Scale Organizations Project

. Headings and topics seem to not be in the correct format, it makes it more challenging to follow the paper. Please use the attached paper for guidance. Accordance with the feedback provided by the Professor, the following corrections are needed to avoid confusion.

a. Many areas out of place or in the wrong chapter. It appears that it is a cut and paste from multiple classes and does not really flow, as a DSP needs to. The first thing I would like you to do it get your paper into the template format so i can better see what is there and what is still missing. For example, I do not see a background that explains your organization in chapter 1.

b. It seems to have reference-based questions that I cannot tell what their purpose is. Start with converting to the template we use and let us see what needs to be worked.

Please make the previously described minor corrections and return. If you need anything else, please just let me know.


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