Why has the provider of choice shifted from rail to motor modes?

Why has the provider of choice shifted from rail to motor modes? With the shift to motor freight carriers, the amount of traffic accidents have sky rocketed, please give your opinion of the reason for this.

In my own perceptions, there are few reasons on why the provider shifted from rail to motor modes. First, the cost of freight. It is much cheaper to haul a freight through road versus the rail transport on short distances. The rail freight will add additional cost for moving the container or freight to its final landing place. Second, convenience is another factor for motor modes as choice of transport. There are so many companies have multiple trucks that are schedule to move freight from places to another. During peak seasons, when the demand for goods is high the road transport can be arranged to meet the demands of patrons. Lastly, I would say the reliability. The road freight is far faster that the rail when freight is delivered per set schedule. Again, there many trucks that are scheduled to deliver the goods. These are just some of the benefits in shifting to motor modes.

The unfortunate truth on this road freight transport is the number of traffic accidents occurred in the highways. According to Traffic Safety Facts, there were approximately thirty-six thousand fatal accidents and over two and a half million people injured in 2019. People were killed every fifteen minutes. This statistic is beyond unimaginable. I see the benefits of the road freight, but if your life or the lives of others are in jeopardy. With this scenario, I would choose the safer option. Anything can be replaced in this world, but the lives of people are irreplaceable. There has to be a better way to improve the safety in highways.

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