With the shift to motor freight carriers, the amount of traffic accidents have sky rocketed, please give your opinion of the reason for this.

Why has the provider of choice shifted from rail to motor modes? With the shift to motor freight carriers, the amount of traffic accidents have sky rocketed, please give your opinion of the reason for this.

Between technology rapidly advancing and businesses striving to move their products, transportation is vital in ensuring everything flows smoothly and, secondly, what is more cost-effective. The United States proliferated from the transcontinental railroads in the 1900s. It helped to establish what we see as a country today. It helped to build the infrastructure expansion westward and connect use coast to coast. However, despite all the past successes and current involvement in the European Union, that same passion and desire to get products, resources, and personnel to desired locations left a large gap to fill. With the advancements in motor vehicles, products can now be sent directly to the consumer, saving corporations and businesses time, money, and resources. This adaptation is still evolving presently, with future innovations being tested, such as drones and driverless vehicles. Companies at every level must understand what they have to sell and who their target audience is. It is crucial to dissect the market shift from rails to motor modes as public transportation in certain parts of the world relies heavily on railways, like in France, where my wife is from, compared to bus stations, where we both reside in North Carolina. By understanding your audience’s needs and motivators, those offering services or products adjust according to geographical, time, money, and legal restraints in order to effectively and efficiently get from point A to point B.

Having many friends and close family members being a part of the trucking industry, a consistent trend among them is the lack of maintenance times between runs and overwhelming traffic conditions. Not having the means to tend to critical maintenance readiness to avoid accidents has increased recently, with the supply-demand being as high as it is. According to McGinn, Montoya, Love & Curry Law Firm, “With an increased demand and overwhelming necessity to have trucks on the road, trucking companies often cut corners and neglect to properly maintain their vehicle in order to put more trucks into operation.”. Such a careless oversite can lead to a severe loss of life or limb, and accountability should be held from the top supervisors approving trip tickets to the individual operator.

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