Woman from The Modern Era Analytical Biography

analytical biography of a woman, other than Mother Teresa, Eleanor Roosevelt, Marie Curie, or Princess Diana, from the period of modern history (defined as 1865 to present; the individual you choose must have been born after 1850). Using at least one acceptable outside source (see below), choose a woman that, in your opinion, had a significant impact in the modern period. Your paper structure must have the following two major elements:

  1. A biography (3-5 pages, approximately 900 to 1500 words) of the woman you’ve chosen. You might want to answer some or all of the following questions (but you are not limited to these):
    • Where and when was she born?
    • What upbringing/family life did she have? Education, marriage, children, occupation, etc.
    • What did she look like, if known? (You may use pictures but they do not count towards your word count).
    • When/how did she die, if applicable?
  2. An analysis (4-6 pages, approximately 1200 to 1800 words) of the significance of the woman, both in her own lifetime and beyond, if applicable. This section should also include your own opinion of the individual and why you chose to study her life and impact. Questions that you might answer include the following:
    • What role did she play in society in the modern world?
    • Did she serve as a model in his or her field?
    • Did she influence society, both during her own time and beyond? How so?
    • Why is she still relevant (if she is still relevant) today?

Some possible subjects for your paper include the following:

  • Wilma Mankiller
  • Jane Addams
  • Frances Perkins
  • Alice Walker
  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • Rigoberta Menchu
  • Soong Mei-ling

You may not choose Mother Teresa, Eleanor Roosevelt, Marie Curie, or Princess Diana.

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