Please discuss how supply and demand drive the transportation industry? In your opinion, how does the transportation industry affect the environment?

Please discuss how supply and demand drive the transportation industry? In your opinion, how does the transportation industry affect the environment?

I believe supply and demand and the transportation industry are a direct correlation of each other  as the supply or the demand of a product can result in which mode of transportation you choose . I can identify a book for a course that I know I have to take during the summer semesters and because I planned this out, I can order the required book and instead of paying additional fees for overnight, next day air, or the fastest traceable means, I can order it standard shipping and because there is no rush it would travel a completely different speed and mode of shipment. A item that has a great supply and is in great demand( a popular item on amazon) would most likely be stocked in several warehouses and wouldn’t require shipment from cross country or from another country via air or sea.

The transportation industry has a great affect on the environment as highway expansion calls for forests and tress to be cut down and cleared, when there was great railroad expansion there had to be land cleared and tress cut for the construction of the railroad and when they were steam and coal powered this took from the land as coal had to be mined to fuel the locomotives and resulted in air pollution and use of fossil fuels. The expansion of the highway and the more cars, box vans, and tractor trailers that were put on the road to keep up with the expansion and demand of consumers increase the use of gasoline and the amount of pollution as the number of vehicles on the road continue to rise.

Compare and contrast the transport planning models for passenger and freight transport.

Compare and contrast the transport planning models for passenger and freight transport.

This may require you to do additional research in the online Library or Internet.
Freight transportation supports a variety of activities such as trade, production and
consumption. Transportation has to be timely and efficient so that all these crucial activities
take place efficiently. Economic efficiency and quality of service are the major factors that
influence the performance of this industry. The increased regulations and restrictions have made this industry even more competitive than before. Such activities have affected the
operations of the freight industry. The organization of the freight industry has been affected by
environmental concerns as well. Thus, the evolution of this industry has largely been
affected by the modification of technology (Crainic & Laporte, 1997).

These are models that focus on providing and financing of the assets needed in
transportation. The planning models seek to address specific problems to facilitate transport.
Planning passenger transport involves the passenger’s independent decision on destination and
the transport mode. Passengers transport gives a major focus on convince of the means
of transport considering how easy it is access the means of transport.
The security of the passenger ensures that means used is safe and there is no likely hood
of an accident to happen. A passenger’s comfort is considered in planning because many
passengers prefer to travel when they are relaxed. This enables a particular mode of transport to
attract many passengers as their demand and preferences are meet. Pricing in passenger
transport is important because it depends on a passenger’s financial status and ability to pay
(Ortúzar & Willumsen, 2014).

This mode of transport is the process through which commodities, cargo and
merchandised goods are moved from one place to the other. The transportation is mostly
associated with the use of tracks that are of various size depending on the cargo and have low
maneuverability. These trucks are noisy and highly pollute the environment.

The freight transport mainly depends on the logistic company with the delivery
responsibility. The company decides on where the cargo will be deliver, routes to be used and
takes care of the transport cost which the owner of the cargo later reimburses. This means
that the freight is managed from the origin of to the destination. With this planning, it is done by
focusing on the travel speed required to deliver and rate at which the truck is likely to crush.
Validation and calibrations have to be done to compare whether the transport observed
the set traffic and is suit to transport the type of cargo. Traffic conversion is essential as the tons
of weight a cargo has is converted to trips a truck will take to deliver the cargos content. Goods
in freight transport goods are organized in a systematic manner to ensure minimum space is used

Score-100% Week 5 Quiz 3 APU

Cross-training workers is a typical capacity management technique for times when demand exceeds capacity.



Answer Key: True

Question 2 of 10                                                                10.0 Points

Which of the following is a service strategy characterized by the idea that a service can serve a narrow target market better than a broad market?

A.Transitional strategy

B.Focus strategy

C.Demand strategy

D.Differentiation strategy

Answer Key: B

Question 3 of 10                                                                10.0 Points

Quick recovery from service failures may serve as good word-of-mouth advertising for the firm.



Answer Key: True

Question 4 of 10                                                                10.0 Points

A service bundle includes the explicit service, the supporting facility, the facilitating goods, as well as the implicit services.



Answer Key: True

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A very popular fast food restaurant is presently staffed with three cash register attendants that are taking orders. Upon entering the restaurant, customers must choose from three separate lines, each of which leads to one of the three registers. Immediately upon placing their order with the register attendant, customers are given their food and drinks by the register attendant. To analyze this situation, you would use the queuing model for an infinite demand source, multiple servers, and multiple channels.



Answer Key: True

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When companies sell products both online and in traditional retail stores this is called a mixed internet distribution strategy.



Answer Key: True

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Service response logistics is the management and coordination of the organization’s activities that occur after the service has being performed.



Answer Key: False

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When a level demand strategy is used for managing capacity, the firm is required to use a demand management or queue management tactic to deal with excess customers.



Answer Key: True

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Long-term customer satisfaction, especially in the face of service failures, requires organizations to empower front-line service personnel to identify problems and then provide solutions quickly and an empathetic way.



Answer Key: True

Question 10 of 10                                                              10.0 Points

First-come-first-served is an example of a(n): queuing arrangement

B.queue discipline

C.single-phase queue design

D.unfair waiting policy

Answer Key: B


Score 100%- Week 5 – Quiz 3 Week 5 – APU

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Recently how many people people died when a ship collided with an oil platform in the Bombay High oil field area, sparking a fire that gutted a rig that produced one sixth of India’s oil?





Answer Key: C

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There are about how many offshore platforms around the globe and many onshore?





Answer Key: B

Question 3 of 10                                                                                  0.3 Points

Generally, there are how many industry standards or norms for an integrated safety and security solution applied within the oil and gas supply chain?


B.Very Few


D.Too many to count

Answer Key: C

Question 4 of 10                                                                                  0.3 Points

In the Smith reading, how long did the project take?

A.1.5 years

B.2.5 years

C.1 year

D.1.75 years

Answer Key: A

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What is a professional corporation offering a comprehensive range of consulting services in applied earth and environmental sciences, including geotechnical and environmental engineering, construction materials testing, geophysics and drilling?





Answer Key: D

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According to Smith’s (2010) article Logistics is key during pre-design for linear pipeline, “Geotechnical subsurface exploration involved drilling borings at Geotechnical subsurface exploration involved drilling borings at _____________spaced intervals along overland areas and drilling four borings to predetermined depths at HDD crossings.

A.2 – 3 mile

B.2 – 5 mile

C.1 – 10 mile

D.1 – 4 mile

Answer Key: D

Question 7 of 10                                                                                  0.3 Points

For the HDD alignments, how many borings were typically located on each side of the feature?





Answer Key: B

Question 8 of 10                                                                                  0.3 Points

According to Smith, how many reports were delivered as produced over a the year and a half period?





Answer Key: D

Question 9 of 10                                                                                  0.3 Points

What is Smith’s current position?

A.currently the branch manager for the Geotechnology, Inc. Collinsville. CA

B.currently the branch manager for the Geotechnology, Inc. Collinsville. IL

C.currently the branch manager for the Gertechnology, Inc. Collinsville. IL

D.currently the branch manager for the Gentechnology, Inc. Collinsville. IL

Answer Key: B

Question 10 of 10                                                                                   0.3 Points

Why was the decision made to cease the use of HDD in this area and move to a more costly alternative.

A.High accuracy in locating potential voids.

B.Because HDD is the most cost effective method.


The ability to accurately locate 90 percent of potential voids along the HDD alignment.


The inability to accurately locate 100 percent of potential voids along the HDD alignment.

Answer Key: D

Interested in the National Rifle Association

Interest groups
I am interested in the National Rifle Association (NRA) as an interest group. The NRA is a non-profit organization largely associated with the Republican Party and its pro-gun policies. The NRA seeks to influence policymakers to preserve the right to bear arms in the United States. It does this through lobbying, campaign contributions, and public relations initiatives. In the 2020 presidential election, the NRA spent around $ 16.3 million on political contributions to Republican candidates. “So far, the NRA has spent $16.3 million in the presidential race” (Nass, 2020, np). This shows the NRA’s commitment to influencing policy and protecting the Second Amendment. I oppose the NRA’s policies and their attempts to influence policy. I believe that there should be stricter gun control laws in place in the United States. I’m afraid I also have to disagree with the amount of money the NRA spends on political campaigns. I believe that money should be spent on more important causes and not on influencing policies that I can’t entirely agree with.
However, I understand that many people support the NRA and its goals. I respect their opinion and right to voice in the political process. Dialogue and compromise are necessary to create meaningful legislation that benefits all citizens.
Discussion Reply
Hello Susan,
What a great post you have there! I fully agree with your support of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). This organization is an important part of our history and has helped ensure that African Americans have the rights they do today. The NAACP played an integral role in the Civil Rights Movement and was instrumental in passing the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibited discrimination based on race, color, religion, and national origin. Furthermore, the NAACP successfully fought to end segregated schools, which was the Brown vs. The Board of Education case. The NAACP has been successful in the past and has continued to be a powerful advocacy group. They have spent millions of dollars lobbying in the 2020 election and have shown that they are still committed to fighting for civil rights and social justice. Their efforts to disrupt inequality, dismantle racism, and accelerate changes in criminal justice, healthcare, education, climate, and the economy are commendable. The NAACP is an important part of our history and today’s American society. They have worked tirelessly to ensure African Americans’ rights and fight for social justice. I am proud to support the NAACP and all that they do.

Summarize your findings on the fate of the North American Indians

Summarize your findings on the fate of the North American Indians.

The fate of the North American Indians was a complex and tragic one. Over the years, the indigenous tribes of North America have evolved a variety of cultures, traditions, and languages. Still, because of their primarily solitary existence, they needed to be equipped to adapt to the technical and cultural innovations that the Europeans brought with them. New illnesses, including smallpox, measles, and influenza, were spread by the immigrants as they crossed the continent, decimating the local inhabitants. They developed various weapons and technology, giving them an advantage over the native population who lacked these resources. The Europeans also upended local tribes’ old cultures and habits, compelling them to embrace their cultural norms and behaviors. It often involved the forcible removal of native peoples from their traditional homelands and the establishment of new settlements on the land. Furthermore, the Europeans often introduced harsh laws and punishments for those who failed to comply with the new rules.

These modifications led to a sharp decline in North America’s indigenous population. The number of indigenous people had decreased to a tiny percentage of what it had been just a few centuries earlier by the early 20th century. The fact that many tribes were put into reservations, where they could not access resources and traditional livelihoods, contributed to this decrease. The aboriginal population of North America is still considerably less than before European settlers arrived. Several organizations are devoted to defending and maintaining their culture and traditions, and many prosperous indigenous villages are still spread out over the continent (Catlin, 2012). Despite the tragic history of the North American Indians, their legacy continues to live on in the many cultural, and spiritual traditions passed down through generations.

Relate what you have learned to theories from Diamond and Wallerstein.

The fate of the North American Indians is a classic example of how world systems theory works in action. Native Americans were forced from their land, and their traditions and practices altered when European immigrants first came to North America. Native populations changed to the periphery due to this forced relocation, which resulted in forming a core-periphery system where the Europeans controlled the resources. Due to their access to weaponry and technology, the Europeans could exploit the local populace and conquer their lands. As a result of the rapid spread of illnesses among their groups and the removal of their traditional means of subsistence, the native population saw a catastrophic decline.
The situation also supports Diamond’s environmental determinism theory. This concept holds that environmental factors have a significant role in the development of civilization. In the case of the North American Indians, their lack of access to weapons and technology placed them at a considerable disadvantage against the Europeans, and the arrival of the immigrants quickly changed their traditional traditions and behaviors (Fekadu, 2014). As a result, a core-periphery structure that has persisted in North America for millennia was developed, which caused the native population to dwindle.

Does your research challenge any of your previous perceptions?

My research on the fate of the North American Indians has challenged some of my previous perceptions. I had believed that Native Americans in North America had always been a small minority and that European settlers had not significantly contributed to their dwindling numbers. I now see that the Europeans greatly influenced the indigenous population and that the relocation of indigenous peoples and the disturbance of their cultures and practices resulted in a sharp population decline. It has served as a potent reminder that history is not always as simple as it may appear and that one group’s actions can have a lasting, significant impact on another.

My hero is John Lewis, a civil rights leader who fought for racial justice and human rights

My hero is John Lewis, a civil rights leader who fought for racial justice and human rights throughout his life. He was a leader of the Civil Rights Movement, a member of the Freedom Riders, and a march organizer of the iconic 1963 march on Washington (Britannica, 2022). His courage and tenacity are legendary, and he continued to fight for social justice throughout his life.

John Lewis is an example of a modern-day hero, with his selfless acts of courage and commitment to social justice. His courage and dedication to the cause of civil rights were unparalleled, and he put his own life at risk for the cause of justice and equality (Britannica, 2022). His commitment to using nonviolent protest to push for change is an example of his selflessness and courage. As a leader of the civil rights movement, he continually fought for justice and equality, and his actions helped to move the country forward.

John Lewis is different from mythological heroes in that he was a natural person who made a tangible difference in the world. His commitment to justice and equality was not one of the grand heroic deeds like those of the ancient heroes but of a lifelong struggle for social justice (Britannica, 2022). The ancient heroes were larger-than-life figures who accomplished magnificent feats, while John Lewis was a natural person who made a difference by standing up for what was right and fighting for social justice (De Temmerman, 2014).

The difference between a hero and a villain is that a hero is admired for courage, selflessness, and dedication to a cause. They are willing to put their own life at risk for the greater good and are often seen as symbols of justice and right (De Temmerman, 2014). A villain is seen as an enemy of justice and right, and their actions are often cruel and selfish. Villains are often the opposite of heroes and are seen as a source of evil and destruction. In terms of heroism, both ancient and modern heroes are characterized by courage and selflessness. Ancient heroes were often larger-than-life figures who accomplished great deeds, while modern heroes often take on causes that are less grand in scope but still require courage and commitment. Modern heroes are often people who fight for social justice, and their courage and dedication to their cause are what make them heroic.

[Free Essay] Nursing Quality of Care

Quality of care is essential to how well healthcare services are being provided. The combination of the care processes, outcomes, and patient experience make up the quality of care. Quality of care focuses on patient outcomes, such as the prevention of illness, the relief of suffering, and the promotion of health and well-being (Evans et al., 2020). Patient experience includes the welcome and comfort of the environment, communication with healthcare professionals, and the satisfaction of needs (Evans et al., 2020). Quality of care is a continuous process that needs to be monitored and improved as new information becomes available.

Measuring and monitoring the quality of care delivered can be done in various ways. First, it is essential to assess the care that is being provided. This can be done by evaluating patient outcomes, such as patient satisfaction, health outcomes, and mortality rates (Evans et al., 2020). Additionally, patient surveys, focus groups, and interviews can be used to understand how care was provided and its impact on the patient (Evans et al., 2020). Establishing measurable goals, including both short-term and long-term objectives, for the quality of care delivered by the Advanced Practice Nurse is vital in monitoring the quality of care. These goals should be specific, measurable, and achievable.

It is crucial to assess the processes and systems used to deliver care. This can be done by looking at equipment and materials quality, staff efficiency, and coordination between different departments (Lopes-Júnior, 2021). Tracking patient outcomes is another vital step in monitoring the quality of care. This can be achieved as patient satisfaction scores, clinical outcomes, and readmission rates to assess the quality of care provided by the Advanced Practice Nurse (Lopes-Júnior, 2021). It is essential to monitor how care is delivered on an ongoing basis to ensure that it remains high quality. This can be done through surveys, focus groups, or interviews with patients and staff.

Overall, measuring and monitoring the quality of care delivered is essential for ensuring that patients receive high-quality care (Miranda Neto et al., 2018). It can also help to identify areas where improvements can be made. By monitoring the quality of care delivered, hospitals and other healthcare providers can ensure that patients receive the best possible care.

Advanced Practice Nurses are integral in providing high-quality nursing care for patients with complex needs. To ensure that they deliver excellent care, Advanced Practice Nurses should use various methods to measure and monitor the quality of their care (Miranda Neto et al., 2018). These include developing measurable goals, tracking patient outcomes, and complying with relevant clinical guidelines and practice standards. They also should evaluate their quality.

An Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) is an advanced nursing professional who has obtained a master’s or doctoral degree in nursing and has advanced clinical practice and leadership knowledge and skills. APNs provide a wide range of services, including diagnosing illnesses, developing treatment plans, prescribing medications, and providing direct patient care (Miranda Neto et al., 2018). The outcomes achieved by APNs can vary depending on the specialty in which they practice but generally include improved patient outcomes, increased satisfaction with healthcare services, decreased healthcare costs, and increased productivity in the healthcare setting.

APNs are in high demand and often work in highly specialized fields, such as cardiology, geriatrics, and pediatrics. They are also sought after for their leadership skills and ability to develop innovative solutions to problems within the healthcare system (Miranda Neto et al., 2018). In addition, APNs play a critical role in ensuring that all patients have access to quality healthcare services. Overall, an Advanced Practice Nurse enhances patient care by providing expertise and leadership in medication management, chronic illness management, and pediatric care.

[Free Essay] Avoid Feeding Stray Animals for these Reasons

Avoid Feeding Stray Animals for these Reasons

Stray animals are animals that live on the streets or away from human habitats due to various reasons. Stray animals can be on the streets because they are abandoned by the owners or, perhaps, lost their way home. It is normal to have the urge to feed stray animals around your home or in the streets.

Stray animals typically depend on the garbage for food and, as such, will lurk around your house if you keep your trash outside and if your home is easily accessible to them. You can be tempted to feed the stray animals the remnants of food from your home instead of disposing of it. However, while this can be noble, you should hold back on frequently feeding stray animals.
Here are some reasons to avoid feeding stray animals.

Stray Animals Carry Diseases

Stray animals carry various diseases in their bodies. While you may not come into contact with them directly, parasites from the fur of stray animals can fall on the ground and eventually make their way into your house. Fleas that carry diseases are also commonly on the bodies of stray animals and can easily transmit deadly diseases. Also, if stray animals are near your home, they can spread diseases through contaminated feces.
You May Attract a large Number of Stray Animals.

Animals will always follow each other to places where they can find food easily—as such, feeding one stray animal may eventually attract more. As time passes, you will notice a large group of animals on standby near your home, always waiting for the food you graciously supply. The problem with attracting a large group of stray animals is you double up on disease and property damage threats.
They Will Make a Habitat Within Your Property

When stray animals find a constant supply of nourishment from your home when you feed them, they will never leave. The animals will always stay in sight so that they can get fed. The stray animals will eventually make a habitat on your property and might even cause destruction.
Stray Animals are a Danger to Your Pets

Stray animals are a threat to the health and safety of your pets. The animals may physically attack and harm your pets if they get near your property. Additionally, as aforementioned, stray animals carry diseases, which can also spread to your pets and endanger their health.
Stray Animals Can be Aggressive

Stray animals that live in the streets or the wild tend to be aggressive and can threaten your safety. Rabies is a common disease with stray animals, and one of the symptoms is aggressiveness. Consequently, your kindness in feeding stray animals can turn tragic if the animal attacks you.

Notice Stray Animals on Your Property? Contact Shumaker Animal Removal

Refraining from feeding stray animals is one step towards maintaining your health and safety. You also need to protect your property and pets from the animals, and the best way is to get humanely rid of them. Shumaker animal removal can offer the humane removal of stray animals from your property quickly and effectively.

Stray animals can attack you if you try to get rid of them. Our professionals at Shumaker animal removal can come in handy to help you. We will also seal any openings in your property to ensure no re-entry of stray animals.
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[Trident University] Product Innovation from The Experience of the iPhone Paper

Upon successful completion of this module, the student will be able to satisfy the following outcomes:

  • Case
    • Explain how product innovation is both like and unlike process innovation.
    • Describe the product life cycle and innovation characteristics.
    • Identify several different strategies for making product innovation decisions.
    • Consider the creation of the iPhone as exemplifying key aspects of product innovation.


  • SLP
    • Use your information-gathering strategy to obtain most of the sources that you will need to cite in your literature review.
    • Begin to develop the language of your literature review.
  • Discussion
    • Share your experiences with your colleagues about finding and/or not finding the sources you are seeking, and ways you may have modified your information-gathering strategy as a result of obtaining or not obtaining the information.
    • Try to help your colleagues develop solutions to difficulties that they might present.


Module Overview:

  • Module
    • Distinguish between product and process innovation, and compare how each type interacts with various parts of the organization.
    • Complete a draft of the literature review section for your doctoral project proposal.
  • Case
    • Explain how product innovation is both like and unlike process innovation.
    • Describe the product life cycle and innovation characteristics.
    • Identify several different strategies for making product innovation decisions.
    • Consider the creation of the iPhone as exemplifying key aspects of product innovation.
  • SLP
    • Use your information-gathering strategy to obtain most of the sources that you will need to cite in your literature review.
    • Begin to develop the language of your literature review.