[Free Essay] Nursing Assessment and Treatment

Discuss the assessments that were used on these individuals.

Depending on the case, the participants were exposed to various assessments. Psychologists and psychiatrists are the ones who took the lead on George Metesky’s case. They assessed his mental state and learnt more about his intents and activities through interviews and examinations. Mike Tyson’s case was likewise evaluated using several methods. A committee of psychologists and psychiatrists analyzed his potential for future violence. It includes psychological assessments. These tests were used to assess Tyson’s personality, emotional stability, and mental health (Ewing & McCann, 2006). Psychiatrists and psychologists also questioned Tyson to learn more about his motives, views, and potential risk factors for violent conduct.

Were the assessments used appropriately?

The assessments used on these individuals were appropriate for the situation, as each was tailored to the individual and their particular circumstances. The assessments provided a more comprehensive understanding of the individuals and their potential for violence, which allowed for better decision-making.

How were the assessments performed?

In each case, the assessments were completed correctly and professionally. The psychological tests used in the Metesky case were performed by experts in the field, who also conducted technical interviews with Metesky to understand his motivations and beliefs better. Mike Tyson was also evaluated using a variety of approaches. Two psychological tests utilized in his examination by a panel of psychiatrists and psychologists were the MMPI and the Hare Psychopathy Checklist-Revised (PCL-R). These tests examined Tyson’s personality, emotional stability, and mental health. Psychiatrists and psychologists also questioned Tyson to learn more about his motives, views, and potential risk factors for violent conduct.

What were the strengths and limitations of their use in court?

In court, psychological examinations can be used to determine a defendant’s potential for future aggressiveness and to understand their motivations and viewpoints. Psychological evaluations can also be used to determine a person’s mental and emotional well-being, which is important in determining whether or not they are legally sane and capable of standing trial.
One of its weaknesses is the subjective character of psychological assessments in court, which rely primarily on the assessor’s interpretation. Furthermore, psychological exams may need to be more accurate since they may not accurately represent the individual’s actual state of mind (Ma et al., 2019). Furthermore, some people may hesitate to comply with the tests, limiting their usefulness.

What was the outcome of these cases?

The results of the instances differed. George Metesky was convicted guilty of the bombings after being proven legally insane. He was sentenced to 20 years and died in detention in 1994. Mike Tyson, for example, was convicted guilty of rape and sentenced to six years in jail. He served his three-year sentence and was released (Kagiaros, 2019). He returned to the ring after his release and had a successful career.

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