Social Information Processing Theory Discussion

Can you help me understand this Communications question?

For this discussion we’ll explore chapters 8, 17, 25, Interpersonal: Relationship Development

The chapters discuss the Social Information Processing Theory, Communication Privacy Management Theory, Relational Dialectics Theory. To complete this assignment:

Read the chapters and choose the theory that most speaks to you. Why did you choose this theory? Summarize it in your own words.

Next, choose one of the discussion questions on p. 145 for Social Information Processing Theory OR p. 289 for Communication Privacy Management Theory OR p. 416 for Relational Dialectics Theory and respond to it with a meaningful post.

Respond to three of your classmates in a meaningful and respectful manner.

Your writing should be academic, engage the concepts and terminology used in the study materials, and be about 200-400 carefully edited and proofread words in length. Make sure to answer all parts of the questions, and demonstrate your mastery of the assigned readings.

(Book`s version have some problem Chapter 8 is equal to 13 chapters, chapter 17 is equal to 11 chapters, and chapter 25 is equal to 12 chapters)


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