Tridernt University Prespectus presentation

Prospectus presentation is a condensed version of provided components.

  • Chapters 1-3 only; Chapter 4-5 slides are not used.
  • Total of 10-minute presentation.

Proposal presentation is in-depth version of provided components.

  • Chapters 1-3 only; Chapter 4-5 slides are not used.
  • Minimum 20-minute presentation.

Final DSP presentation is a brief review of Chapters 1-3 and an in-depth version of Chapters 4-5.

  • Provide all slides, but simplify Chapter 1-3 slides.
  • Minimum 20-minute presentation.

Delete template explanations from slides.

Provide background of the organization (context).

Explain why this organization was chosen for the study.

Provide Formal Problem Statement.

Briefly explain why the problem exists and how the problem was discovered.

Provide Formal Purpose Statement.

Explain conceptual background (major topics and sub-topics) here.

Briefly state main theories/models used, at least two. (Full explanations are provided in Literature slides.)

List research questions here.

Provide hypotheses, if used as part of mixed methods studies.

Explain potential significance of study in relation to scholarly advancement and practical implications.

  • How is it relevant to the field?
  • Will it reduce risks or increase organizational alignment?
  • Can it create competitive advantage?
  • Etc.

Define relevant terms.

Dictionary format used; alphabetical order.


Term 1: brief definition provided (citation here)

Term 2: brief definition provided (citation here)

Tridernt University Prespectus presentation

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